Dignified Home Loans takes great pride in ensuring that our customers understand home loan facts.  An important fact is that purchasing a home is a big decision and obtaining a home loan takes time.  Finding the right type of home loan is crucial, but it’s also important to start the process early to ensure that you’re already pre-qualified or pre-approved when you’re ready to make an offer.  Whether you are a new homeowner or expert, we’re here to help!

In order to pre-qualify you must provide basic information so that Dignified Home Loans can reasonably assess the best loan for you given your needs and situation and help you determine what you can afford.  A stronger step is to get pre-approved for a home loan. For pre-approval Dignified Home Loans will pull your credit, review certain financial documentation, and utilize an automated underwriting system.  With a pre-approval, you will have a greater level of confidence that homeownership is within your reach.   

Our Mortgage Checklist is a helpful tool you can use to ensure that you have the documents and information required for the home loan process.  In some cases additional documentation may be required, but following the Mortgage Checklist will give you a great head start.  Once you start the home loan process, your loan officer and team will be in communication to keep you informed on progress.